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Some of our Law students have helped win an actual employment case!

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If you were asked to physically build a house in your first year studying Architecture or carry out heart surgery as a student in Medicine, we’re sure you’d feel a little out of your depth.

However, ten of our undergraduate Law students have achieved something quite spectacular.

During their studies, they’ve been able to help a group of dismissed employees win an employment case, helping securing around £150,000 for their clients.

A Lancashire-based insurance business had collapsed last summer and its employees were faced with the prospect of being unable to pursue their employer for outstanding payments, as well as for compensation for the failure to consult with them.

The company turned to the Bury Law Centre, where Christine Peacock was a volunteer. Christine is also Manager of the University’s Legal Advice Centre, where our Law students gain a real world experience by providing professional advice to lose who cannot usually access it.

The students helped with the employees tribunal claims, focusing on the company’s failure to consult in a collective redundancy situation.

And the students were successful!

One of the students, Sophie Naughton, said: “Working on behalf of the clients was incredibly rewarding and provided an insight into the positive contributions that lawyers can have in practice.

“It has motivated me further to continue a career in law and provided a chance to practically apply my degree.”

Fellow student Anuli Changa added: “I’m so happy that we were able to help the workers to get the justice that they were entitled to. It was great to be involved in a real employment case and I’m sure we we’ll benefit from this.”

One of the employees, Joanna Bennett, said: “The students gave us invaluable advice, guided us, and had our case put forward – as a result, we were able to gain full redundancy packages and even a final payment which none of us had been aware we were entitled to.

“Without their assistance, I believe we would have only received a fraction of what we were due.”

Well done to our 10 Law students!

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