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6 tips for studying away from campus

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Easter break? What Easter break? We know that you’ll, unfortunately, be hard at work during the Easter holidays. If you’re heading off campus, it’s important you’re prepared for getting your work done in an environment different from Blue 2 in the Library. Here are some useful tips for studying away from campus.

1. Use your local library or local university library

If you’re travelling away from Manchester, have you considered going to work at your local university library? Check the SCONUL website to check with university libraries are eligible and. depending on the university, you might even be able to borrow books. Most UK universities are members of the scheme so if you’re not in Manchester during the Easter break, you’ll find somewhere to work.

2. Create your own workspace at home

If you think you’ll be able to work at home, make sure you create a comfortable workspace. Content Ambassador Lina has explained how you can create your own sweet (study) spot. Make sure you create a daily routine that works best for you.

3. Know what systems you can access off campus – and how to do it!

Did you know that you can access the library catalogue and all databases, eBooks, email and personal storage when you are off campus?  Here’s all the information you need to get started with the Library as well as IT support.

4. Check if your supervisor or tutor is contactable

If you know you’re going to be working over the Easter break, check your supervisor’s availability in advance and whether or not you can contact them over the holidays.

This is really important as, if you’re stuck on a particular issue which your adviser could help with, you don’t want to be left in limbo for leaving your query too late! Make sure you find out and talk to your supervisor before the break if they are busy.

5. Treat yourself

The lead up to the latter part of the second semester can a busy time and it’s important that you also take a break. Whether it’s an episode of your favourite programme, a snack, or a meet up with some friends, make sure you aren’t overloading yourself with unrealistic goals and spend some time doing the things you enjoy!

6. Still in Manchester?

If you feel like you need a change of scene from the Ali G, why not switch things up a bit and study in some of Manchester’s unseen study spots?

And even if you’re staying in Manchester, there’s plenty of opportunities for a break. Why not drop in to the International Society for an Easter treat? They have events running throughout the University closure dates.

Or, why not explore the city a bit more? There’s loads of free things to see – have you taken a look at the latest exhibitions in the Manchester Art Gallery?

Make sure you give yourself some time to step away from your books and make sure you enjoy the fantastic city you are studying in!