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Be Active – are you up for a challenge?

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Are you up for a challenge this April? As part of the Be Active Way to Wellbeing we’re starting a 30 Day Lunge Challenge on April 1st to get everyone moving.* (No, this is not an April Fool.)

For the thirty days we want you to do lunges! You can do them anywhere, in Uni, at home, in the library, walking down Oxford Road, in the office, waiting for a coffee, on a break from revision, whenever, wherever.

To guide you through the thirty days we’ve put together a timetable (which you can download or print) of the different lunges:


  • Static
  • Reverse
  • Side
  • Walking
  • Jumping

The amount of lunges increases each day starting off small and building up, with some rest days now and again. You don’t have to do all the lunges in one go, you can break them up throughout the day whenever you’ve got a few spare minutes.

Doing small amounts of exercise and being active can help boost you wellbeing and mental health, so we want to encourage everyone to get moving, even if its just lunging.

Don’t forget to tag us in the weird and wonderful places you may be lunging  – @OfficialUoM on Instagram or Students at Manchester on Facebook. Show us your moves. 

If you’ve never lunged before, or are a bit unsure of how to do lunges properly, watch the video below with Shelagh and Barnabee showing you how to lunge properly, and explaining the benefits of lunging.

*Disclaimer: Please only take part in the lunge challenge if you have no current injuries, also please consult your doctor of GP before taking part in any vigorous exercise. 

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