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Why The Grad Fair is useful for non-final year students

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This week, over 130 exhibitors will be taking to The Armitage Centre for The Grad Fair 2019. On Wednesday 8 May, they’ll be offering plenty of work opportunities from Summer 2019 and beyond.

Whilst you might not be in your final year, it’s a great idea to begin thinking about what you want to do post-university. There’s no better opportunity than this!

Here’s why you should take a look round The Grad Fair:

It’s a great way to consider a range of opportunities

There’s a wide range of employers attending the Fair, including the BBC, Network Rail and Tata. If you can’t decide on which career path might be suitable for you, this is the perfect time to ask employers all the questions you might have. Then, you might have a clearer picture of what interests you the most.

It’s brilliant for networking

If you do decide to pursue an opportunity you found at the Fair, it’ll be really useful to speak to the employer in the long term. That way, you can prove how enthusiastic you are about the role when it comes to a potential application process. Plus, if you have a LinkedIn (which Content Ambassador Megan highly recommends having), you can stay up to date with the company (which is key when it comes to an interview).

Make sure you do a bit of research before going to the Fair, dress slightly smarter and be yourself to make the best impression!

It’s a productive study break

Giving yourself a break and taking the opportunity to look into your future is a far more useful break from your work than scrolling through your phone. It can be easy to say that you never really had time to in your post-university career, but this is the best chance and its right on your doorstep.

It’ll calm any worries

Careers might not be at the forefront of your mind at the moment. However, if you have any concerns that are at the back of your mind, you can talk to employers and the Careers Team at the Fair to rest any worries.  And in the long run, you’ll feel great knowing that you have really got down into thinking so far ahead!

It’s a chance to ask about any other career-related questions

The Careers Team will be there on the day to help with a range of things. Whether you have a list of burning questions, you want to improve your CV, or you just want to make sense of what to do once uni has finished, they’re there to help you with everything careers-related.

It’s free!

This one needs no explanation! But, don’t forget to register so you don’t have to avoid queuing on the day.

The Fair is open 10:30am – 3:30pm on Wednesday 8 May 2019. To register and for more information, check out The Grad Fair website. Plus, make sure you click ‘Attending’ on Facebook to keep up to date with the event.

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