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Sleep – the biggest competitor to Netflix

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In 2017 the CEO of Netflix said that sleep was the company’s biggest competitor – such a competitor that the technology is constantly coming up with ways to get us not to sleep (autoplay anyone!)

Sleep. We all know that getting enough of it is important for our health. Without it we can feel irritable, find it hard to concentrate, and find ourselves craving sugary foods.

However sometimes it’s hard to get enough sleep. Whether it’s staying up to finish an essay, or cramming in some more revision, it’s hard to switch our brains off.

That’s why this week for Be Healthy we’re focusing on sleep and why its good for our wellbeing, especially during exams season (did you know sleep actually improves our memory!) Below, Dr Robert Lucas explains why sleep benefits our wellbeing, tips for helping to drift off and what can keep us awake.

Make sure you listening carefully as, for our final giveaway for Be Healthy, we’ve got five sleep packs to give away containing a Lumie Bodyclock light, ear plugs, pillow spray and sleep tea. To be in with a chance of winning, watch the video below and then answer the following questions:

  1. How many hours of sleep does Dr Lucas recommend you make time for?
  2. What are two things suggested you can do to limit the impact of artificial light from your phone before going to bed?
  3. What is Dr. Lucas’ one overall recommendation to help improve our sleeping regimes?

How to enter?

You’ll need to email all your answers after to by midnight on Monday 27 May.

Please note: one entry per person will be accepted. Only current University of Manchester students are eligible for the competition. Winners will need to provide a valid student ID number when collecting their prize and be able to collect their prize in person. Emails up until midnight on Monday 27 May will be accepted. Winners will be contacted within 7 days of the closing date.

For more information on the Six Ways to Wellbeing check out the website, where you’ll be able to find out much more on Be Healthy.

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