Accommodation Holidays

Securing your accommodation over the summer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Over the summer months empty student homes are prime targets for burglars. If you’re leaving Manchester for a long period of time over the summer, make sure your accommodation is safe and secure. Here are a few security measures you can take to ensure your uni accommodation is secure while you’re away.

1. Lock your doors
A  pretty obvious one, but often many thefts occur as doors to properties have been left unlocked. So make sure you check all your windows are shut and doors are locked.

2. Store your valuables in a safe place
Again it may seem obvious but make sure any valuables can’t be seen from outside the property. Easily transportable items such as a laptop or phone being on display could encourage an opportune thief.

If you’re leaving Manchester over the summer but need somewhere to store you things check out Cristina’s blog post about what to do with your belongings while you’re away.

3. Ask someone to check on the property
If you know your neighbours and they’re around over the summer why not ask them to keep an eye on the property while you’re away. Alternatively you could leave a key with a friend who is staying around to check on your house from time to time.

4. Don’t advertise your property is empty on social media
Think about what you are posting on social media, have you made it obvious where you live and that you’re going to be on holiday for 3 months? Alternatively check your privacy settings so you know who can see what.

5. Prepare the property so it doesn’t look like its empty
Cancel or re-direct mail so letters don’t pile up, empty the bins, and think about purchasing a timer plug for light switches.

6. Make sure everything’s switched off before you leave
This isn’t going to deter a potential burglar, but checking all appliances are switch off such as irons and hair straighteners which will keep your mind at ease. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve left the iron on and not being able to check.

The above all may seem like common sense but can often go overlooked or forgotten, so before you leave for home or a holiday check off these basic security measures so you don’t have to worry over the summer.