Not goodbye – just à bientôt

I bring my past, I bring my future, I bring my rights and I bring my song.
I stand atop The University of Manchester, we belong here, we belong

Lemn Sissay, Inspire and be Inspired, 2015

So you’re down to you’re final week of your final semester. A wash with relief that your exams are over (or just about), excited for the end of the academic year, but also maybe sad that you’re time at University is coming to an end, a little anxious over what’s going to happen next, where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing.

It’s totally normal to be feeling a whole mix of emotions, looking back with nostalgia at the last 3-5 years you’ve spent in Manchester. Making friends, hours spent in the Library, hours spent in lectures (/watching Netflix depending on your discipline), living with housemates, arguing with housemates, and staying up for hours talking about nothing in particular. Or you might be excited for what’s to come next – heading off travelling, starting a job, starting a new postgraduate course or just taking some time to figure it out. Whatever you’re doing after you’ve finished, remember that you’ll always be welcome and belong to The University of Manchester community.

Not just a generation with a the shared experience of trying to be adult and attempting to cook your first Christmas dinner, thinking it’s social acceptable to go out in you’re PJs and either being, living with or knowing a medic. But your experience is also a distinct Manchester experience; not really leaving Oxford Road in First Year, the idea that putting Sainsbury’s shopping bags over your light gave you’re room a cool orange glow* (it didn’t), waiting for the Magic Bus even though it’s only marginally cheaper than any other, and only discovering different colours of the Library other than Blue in your final year. All these things that are unique to being a student at Manchester.

*This is not cool and is a fire hazard so seriously don’t do it – plastic melts.

You’re also now officially a member of the University alumni, and join one of the largest global alumni communities in the world. As an alumnus of The University of Manchester you can stay connected with friends, classmates and the University itself, regardless of where you are in the world. Stay updated by email, and if you’re really missing Oxford Road you can always come back and attend University events such as the annual Cockcroft-Rutherford Lecture, or inspire a new generation of students by speaking at an alumni event.

There are so many ways to stay in touch, and be part of the University community (we can even help you organise a reunion)! So whatever new chapter you are beginning, it’s not goodbye but a bientôt (see you soon).