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Stuff you need to know (or do) before you leave for good

Your time at University is quickly coming to an end and although you will always be part of our community, there are some life-admin things that you either need to do or know about to make your transition out of undergraduate student life a whole lot easier. And here to help is our finalist check-list:

Your IT account will be shut down!

Your University IT account will no longer be available to you after Wednesday, 31 July. This means that you will no longer have access to your documents, email, Blackboard course materials or My Manchester, so please ensure you have made a copy of any important emails or documents before you leave. Find out more on the IT Services website. On the other hand, being an alumni means you will have access to the Your Manchester alumni portal. Just make sure you have updated your details in the student system.

Return your Library books

Remember all library books are due back by the date of your graduation ceremony. Please make sure you return them as soon as you’re finished.

Register for graduation

Make sure you register for Graduation so that you’ve got plenty of time to organise your day and plan your celebrations with friends and family. The deadline for registration is the 26th June.

Know how to get your transcripts

 An official record of the grades you have achieved (your transcript) will be available to you from your graduation day. If you need electronic copies, online transcripts can be accessed through Digitary for free.  You can also order a copy of your degree certificate here.

Update your Careers link account 

You’ll still have access to the career services for two years after you graduate. Whether you’re still in Manchester or have left, you can contact the careers service via email, phone, Skype or simply pop into The Atrium for an appointment. Remember though you will need to update your details by creating a alumni account to access CareersLink for job vacancies and events.

Stay connected

After graduating, you’ll be part of the largest global alumni community in the UK.  Remember that the University is here to stay connected with you through exclusive events and opportunities as well as providing career support. Find out more on the alumni page on what’s available.

Get your deposit back

Moving out? Make sure you get your deposit back by leaving your house in ship shape and taking care of things like meter readings and rubbish disposal. See our previous post for more information. And remember if you’ve loads of of stuff to get rid of, you can donate most things and you can recycle lots of what’s left. Take a look at our Give it Don’t Bin it campaign to find out more. 

Pay all your bills and let people know you’re moving

Another moving out one! Remember you’re bills. Let the utility companies know your tenancy is ending, get your final bills and make sure you pay them. Similarly make sure you know what’s registered at your student home ( bank? credit card?) and make sure you update your details.

And with that, you’ll be ready for your next chapter – good luck whatever you choose!

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