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Our six ways to wellbeing focus for July and august is Learn and Discover, and we’re starting off by giving some creative ways you can discover more about campus.

A quiet(er) campus is a great time to learn about some of those things we simply walk past every day. Hopefully we’ve got a bit more nice summer weather left so why not take a wander and explore!

Take a tree-emendous break

Yes, we have our very own tree trail. Discover more about some of the beautiful trees around campus. Never really noticed them? Not many of us do, but there’s actually over 1,500 trees on Main Campus, North Campus and in Whitworth Park – which is why the trail is such a nice idea, but don’t worry it doesn’t cover them all!

Find the rare redwood that was thought to be extinct until the 1940’s, or the great sequoia – these trees are thought to be one of the oldest living things on earth (admittedly we don’t think ours is!) There are also tributes to our heritage – the tree planted as a tribute to Alan Turin, the scions of the apple tree under which Isaac Newton was allegedly sat when a falling apple helped him conceive his theory of gravity can both be found.

Find out more

Heritage hour

Learn more about the University’s heritage through a tour that looks at how our history is intertwined with that of the city, of the growth of the industry and the modern world as we know it. Throughout July and August two different themed tours are running, The Rise of a University: Industry, engineering and science and Making of the modern world: England’s first civic university.

Find out more about our heritage work.

Blue plaque wonders

Uncover the giants of our campus – from well known academics, to social justice campaigners. Let content ambassador Lina take you on her blue plaque tour of campus and show you just some of the people who have shaped not the University, but the city and beyond.

So why not take in some of campus’s natural beauty, enjoy a break and learn something new. It all sounds like a nice way to spend an hour or so… Enjoy!

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