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The Whitworth: A Place for Wellbeing

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During July and August, we’re focusing on the sixth and final way to wellbeing – Learn and Discover. Learn and Discover is about broadening your horizons beyond your studies by trying or learning something new. Evidence has shown that this can boost self-esteem, sense of purpose, confidence, and can also initiate social interactions.

If you’re looking to improve your wellbeing then The Whitworth is the ideal place to go, with its variety of art and exhibitions waiting to be pondered over, alongside the greenery of its gardens. As more conventional methods of wellbeing improvement develop all the time, exploring The Whitworth is definitely wellbeing done differently, for free.

As a home to fine art, modern and contemporary art, textiles, wallpaper, prints and sculptures, there’s something to suit everyone’s artistic taste. The collections are ever-changing, so visiting never gets boring. Whatever your level of interest is in art, you can’t help but get lost in the artwork and the experiences and stories they reflect.

Whitworth Gallery, The University of Manchester

Learning and discovering for improved wellbeing is all about enhancing your awareness. With art from artists of a range of backgrounds and experiences you’ll definitely leave with a greater sense of awareness, whether that’s for culture, history, different art forms, or the creative process. And, if you’re a creative, it’s a great place to get inspired. Expressing yourself through art and creativity is another way to improve your mental health and self-esteem – it gives you a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and is also therapeutic.

The Whitworth isn’t just for self-confessed creatives though – a visit to The Whitworth makes a great day out for all. With big open spaces that flow from one to the next, it’s the perfect place to go and discover something new. Or why not sit for a while and reflect on the creativity and art that’s surrounding you? Ask yourself: what story is it trying to tell? How does it make me feel? Not only does The Whitworth offer the opportunity to learn and discover but it’s also a good place to leave any stresses at the door and take a break from studying. Immersing yourself in art gives you something to focus on, away from your ordinary thoughts and surroundings.

Whitworth Gallery, The University of Manchester

It’s not all about art though. On the basement level of The Whitworth is a study centre if you fancy a change from your usual study spot. If it’s a walk in the fresh air that you’d prefer, then the art garden of The Whitworth is well worth visiting. Be sure to check out the orchard garden, sculpture terrace, and café in the trees!

The Whitworth is a hub for good wellbeing, making it well worth the extra five minute stroll down Oxford Road. Ahead of your visit, you can see what’s on over on the website, look at the student guide, or check out a review of the Beyond Faith: Muslim Women Artists Today exhibition and The Reno exhibition.

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