Moving out? Everything you need to know about packing up

If it’s time to pack up and leave Manchester once your dissertation or project has (finally) been handed in then here’s a few handy tips for moving out.

Getting your deposit back

Make sure you leave everything in tip top condition so that you get your deposit back:

  • Take meter readings again and let the suppliers know that it’s the last day of your tenancy.
  • Check your inventory and take any necessary photos.
  • Remember, it’s up to you to replace light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.
  • Clean and tidy the property or you may be billed for the cleaning
  • Check out Manchester Student Homes guide to getting your deposit back and remember you can contact them if you need any help and advice about your end of tenancy arrangements and how getting your deposit back should work.

Tell everyone you’re moving

We don’t mean everyone, but there are lots of people you need to tell before you move on. You will need to contact all of your utility suppliers, bank, doctors etc. to let them know you are moving, use this who-to-inform checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Get organised

Have you arranged for anyone to help you move? If you’ve got lots of stuff, try and get together with housemates to help one another move items. If you’re asking someone with a car to help out, give them plenty of notice.

You also need to think ahead to exactly when you’re going to leave. Think about how much food and other groceries you’ll need between now and then, and shop lightly to avoid waste.

And remember… Give it Don’t Bin it!

It’s likely you’ll have collected things in the past year (or three or four  – depending how long you’ve been here!) that you just don’t need anymore. You’ll find British Heart Foundation bags throughout campus – and they’ll be happy to find new homes for lots of your unwanted things.  Manchester Central Foodbank on Oxford Road can take any unopened non-perishable foodstuff you might have left  over.

The University Library can also re-home your unwanted textbooks through Textbook Rescue! Drop your unwanted books off at one of the Library sites and next year they’ll be offered to students who can use them!

And if there is anything left…

Remember to recycle what you can and dispose of any other waste responsibly.

  • Blue Bins:            Paper, cardboard and drinks cartons
  • Brown Bins:        Plastic bottles, cans, tins and glass bottles and jars

You can find out which bin to use in more detail.

And if you have large items that aren’t suitable for charity the council offer a free collection service for up to 3 items a year.

Find out how to recycle more and make a positive contribution to the environment.

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