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Learn, Discover, and Improve Your Wellbeing at Manchester Museum

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Museums are known as ideal places to broaden your knowledge and learn something new. Yet they aren’t as widely recognised as spaces to improve wellbeing despite the impact they can have. Cultural experiences, such as visiting a museum, have been proven to have both physiological and emotional benefits. Our focus on the final way to wellbeing – Learn and Discover – has highlighted what the University and the city has to offer for broadening your knowledge and improving your wellbeing. And whilst Manchester Museum sits on Oxford Road in amongst the university campus, it’s the perfect spot for students to supplement their learning and wellbeing with no expense spared. After all, as the UK’s leading university museum, it should be on every students’ bucket list.

The museum’s range of collections span millennia and includes over four million different objects. They cover science, archaeology, the environment, technology, culture and so much more – there’s something to suit everyone’s interests. A trip to the museum is also a great place to take a study break. Learning and discovering goes far beyond studying, and it doesn’t have to be hard work. The museum can be a quiet space used to immerse yourself in something else away from your studies.

You could even visit to aid your studying, by viewing a collection that’s relevant to what you’re learning about on your course. Learning in a different way and in a different environment may boost your productivity, or even your interest in the topic! If you aren’t looking to use the collections for your studies though, why not make use of the museum as a study spot? The third floor has a seating area perfect for individual or group studying, and there’s also The Café at the Museum next door if you’d like to grab a coffee whilst you work.

The museum is currently undergoing an exciting new development, which will see even more opportunities created to learn, discover, and improve wellbeing. Using a grant of over £4 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the project will see a new exhibition space built, as well as a large gallery dedicated to the history and culture of South Asia, a new entrance, welcome area and shop. The museum will also be home to a new programme that addresses current key issues such as migration, belonging, and climate change.

Besides viewing the collections, there’s plenty to get involved with at the museum. On Friday, 27 September, Manchester Museum will be hosting its European Researchers’ Night. It’s a chance for researchers to discuss their work with fellow researchers and the wider public in a lively and sociable space. Students can attend, and simply need to fill out the application form before 16 August.

If you’re interested in volunteering, then Manchester Museum offers opportunities to volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to boost your self-worth and positivity, and the museum recognises its impact on wellbeing with its recent participation in the “if: Volunteering for Wellbeing” project. Other than this, there’s plenty to see and do at the museum, all of which can be found on the what’s on page.

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