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Where to do your grocery shopping

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Most of us students come from a different place than Manchester and thus, at the beginning we are not sure about where we should do our grocery shopping. In this blog you’ll find a small review on most of the available supermarkets around most university and private accommodations and my opinion on each of them.

I think is one of the most common supermarkets for students because it has really fair prices. However, it does not have a grand variety of brands. Most of the products are white label, but the quality is very good. Also, every two weeks there is a corner with food from one specific country and you can find anything from around the world. This is where I do 90% of my grocery shopping because it is very close to my home (and many other student accommodations) and I know it is the principal place to shop for many other people.

Personal favourites:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables all year round
  • Basics (condiments, oil, salt, napkins, toilet paper…)
  • Fresh bakery everyday (you must try their croissant…)
  • Cheap but good quality beers

It is a smaller version of a supermarket next to Lidl. It has all the essentials and has more variety of brands. You can find everything from fruits and vegetables to pharmacy elements and all that is in between. However, they use too much plastic to pack everything, which I don’t like that much. Because of its size, this supermarket is open more hours than the others (on Sundays big supermarkets only open for 6 hours) which is convenient when you have a last-minute need or craving.

Personal favourites:

  • Cereal brand variety
  • Baking essentials
  • Stationary essentials

It is one of my personal favourites because it has a diversity of products, brands and options. It is one of the cleanest supermarkets and you can find both good quality white label products and many other brands. It always has a lot of good deals if you buy more than one of the same or similar thing and their bakery section is also really good. It is also very near to the university campus and most student accommodations.

Personal favourites:

  • Their white label cookies (must try the raspberry-white chocolate ones)
  • The ready-to-eat meals (e.g. chicken korma with rice, shepherds pie, lasagne, etc.) that always come in deals if you buy more than one.
  • Their variety of wines and the beer deals

The one that is near the campus is not that big but offers a lot of products and brands. It has self-checkout, so it makes the paying process leaner. I like this store because it has a good sense of social responsibility and for example is trying to get rid of the plastic wrappings in the following years. It also has some projects directed to fair trade and social justice. Also, I can always find what I need in here, I go to this market mostly for snacks when I am studying but it has everything you need.

Personal favourites:

  • The £3.50 meal deal for lunch (main, snack and drink)
  • Their variety on soft drinks
  • Their range of high and low end brands

Although it is not the nearest supermarket, it is a good option for when your pantry and fridge are empty. Asda is an all-purpose supermarket as it has food, pharmacy, clothing, home supplies, stationary, you name it. What I like is that it has brands from a lot of other countries and you really enjoy the variety it offers.

Personal favourites:

  • Frozen pork ribs ready to cook
  • Their pasta section (all types of pasta and sauces)
  • Clothing section (good deals)

It is the other common supermarket to do your grocery shopping. However, this one is located either in the city centre or in Ancoats which makes it a bit far away from most of the students’ accommodations. It is also very cheap and has diversity of brands. However, in my opinion, it is not always as clean and organised as I would like it to be and it does not have self-checkout which makes the lines to pay longer.

Personal favourites:

  • Baking essentials
  • Cheese variety
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