The coolest hidden gems you don’t want to miss out on

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If a tree falls in the wood and nobody is around to see it, did it happen? If we tell you about our hidden gems, are they still even hidden anymore? Here’s a list of some of the coolest secret spots you need to check out before you leave Manchester.  

Nexus Art Café

A cool little café and creative space, Nexus Art Café is the perfect spot to hang out in the city. They run cheap events every month, so if you fancy a go at life drawing, learning some dance moves or just want a cool place to meet like-minded creative types, head here and get your artistic juices flowing before you head home.

Ancoats peeps

When you’re wandering through Ancoats, you might notice some brass eyepieces set into the brickwork of the buildings there. Get a bit closer and you’ll find that these peepholes reveal a look into spaces that have long been forgotten. Thing is, nobody really knows what they are, how many or why they even exist. But stumble upon them and you’ll be glad you did, getting a brief look into Manchester’s hidden past.

British Film Institute Mediatheque

If you’re big into movies but have a bit of catching up to do, the Central Library has an archive of expertly curated film and television you can watch from past decades – all from the comfort of a cool little pod. They’ve got some pretty rare stuff too, like obscure sitcoms from the 70’s and loads of early camera footage that focuses on the North West of England in particular.

The Hidden Gem Church

No hidden gem list could ever be complete without mentioning St Mary’s Church, otherwise known as the Hidden Gem. Wander across from the Town Hall and down Brasennose Street for marbled pillars and stained glass windows and discover possibly the most peaceful spot in the city centre. Plus, don’t forget to check out the famous artwork inside.  

The Washhouse

From the outside, it looks like any other unassuming laundrette. But behind that façade of washing machines and tumble dryers lies a secret drinking den you need to try out. Pre-booking is essential, and to get in you have to call and leave an answering messaging about how many ‘loads’ you want to book in for a service wash…the rest we’ll keep a secret!