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Getting involved during the 2019/2020 year

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Whether you’re in your first or your last year it’s never too late to get involved with things outside your academic studies. Trying something different is a great way to meet new people, develop new skills and above all have some fun and give you something else to think about. And with the wealth of things available at the Uni and in Manchester there’s bound to be something for everyone. What have you got to lose? 

The Sports Clubs

The University offers 42 student-run sports clubs spanning 38 sports, all of which are part of the Athletic Union (AU). Some clubs compete in the BUCS and Christie Championships. There is also Sporticipate, offering 50+ hours of free, coached sport & fitness sessions, and Campus Sports which is an intra-university league allowing you to regularly compete with other teams within the university.

More information about sports can be found here.

The Societies

From Hiking to Bhangra, Quidditch to Comedy Club, the University has hundreds of societies on offer, ranging from recreation, sport, culture and faith, to music, drama and more. Participating in such a diverse variety of societies is not only enjoyable and a welcome break from academic requirements, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and show your future employers that you are capable of strong time-management skills, committing yourself to something outside of your degree. Not in your first year and worried it’s too late? Take a look at Lauren’s story for a bit of inspiration

More information about societies can be found here.

The Volunteering

Volunteering opportunities are wide ranging at the University of Manchester. From local to international volunteering, undertaking such an invaluable experience is one of the most rewarding opportunities you can get involved in during your time here – and there’s so many different types of opportunities available. Read about student blogger Megan’s experiences or find our more about volunteering here.

The Language Courses

The University Language Centre provides over 80 course units in up to 17 languages. Not only is this a perfect extra-curricular to take up to develop your CV and skills, but it allows you to broaden your academic and cultural horizons. Read all about Nana’s experience or find more information about here.

Get involved in Peer Support

So, this one is just for undergrads, but Peer Support is a really great scheme to be involved in. By involving yourself with Peer Support, you’ll be helping lower level students with both the social and academic sides of their University life. Not only will this provide you with skills for your future employability, but you’ll also enjoy involving yourself within a new community!

There are three roles for students:

  • Peer Mentor – connecting with lower year students on a personal level, helping with the degree you both take
  • PASS Leader – liaising with students and relaying back students’ first year experiences to Staff
  • Student Coordinator – organising events for your scheme and supporting Peer Mentors and PASS Leaders

More information on how you can get involved with Peer Support can be found here.

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