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The Sustainability Challenge – What you need to know

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On Tuesday 17 September, you and 8,000 other new undergraduates will take part in the Sustainability Challenge, one of the biggest events on campus! The Challenge is the first of the three Ethical Grand Challenges and is your chance to get involved with key global issues.

But what can you expect from the largest event in the Uni calendar? Hear what other students have to say and find out all you need to know:

You’ll make friends

With 8,000 undergraduate students taking part during Welcome Week, there’s no better chance to make friends. Lots of friends! You’ll also be mingling with students from across the University so this is a great opportunity to meet people from lots of different courses.

Learn how to be more sustainable 

Working with students from different disciplines, you’ll get to develop plans for a new campus. The Sustainability Challenge helps you to learn more about sustainability and how you can play your part as a student during your time at University.

Gain employability skills

Whilst graduating may seem like a lifetime away, the Sustainability Challenge gives you a head start when it comes to the working world. You’ll gain a number of skills such as team working, communication and problem-solving that you can take forward with you throughout your time at University and beyond!

You’ll take your first step towards the Stellify Award

What’s the Stellify Award you may ask? This is the University’s most prestigious extra-curricular award for undergraduate students. The Sustainability Challenge forms part of this, so by completing it, you’ll be starting your Stellify journey.

Make sure to keep an eye out for an email with the time and location of your challenge – you’ll also be able to find this in your personal timetable.

We can’t wait to see you for the big day! If you want to find out more, head to our dedicated Sustainability Challenge page.

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