Meet your services

We’ve put a handy list together for you so you don’t need to search for all of those key services around the uni. Click on each link to find out more:

Library – Get started anytime. Find books, get online resources, find help

IT Services – get IT savvy from downloading the VPN, getting a free copy of Office 365 or managing your student desktop

Sport – get active, keep fit, join a gym, try a new sport or get involved in a Halls team

Careers – It’s never too late to think about your future

Student Support – We know that as well as being enjoyable, student life can sometimes feel overwhelming, but we want you to know that there is lots of support available. 

The best place to start if you’re unsure where to get help is the Student Support website. On there you’ll find help for most queries relating to your student life, including advice for common student worries, where to find support and money information (including a student discount scheme just for University of Manchester students).

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