It’s not too early to think about a PhD

In one breath we’re talking about adjusting to your Master’s and in the next we’re talking about whether you want to do a PhD next! There’s no doubt a Master’s year is a bit of a whirlwind and it is useful to be thinking ahead already, especially if you’re even contemplating a PhD. The application process is different, there’s funding to think about and actually deciding if it’s for you!

If you are thinking you might like to pursue a research degree after your Master’s the University’s forthcoming open day on the 23rd October is a great time to explore what it’s like, what funding there might be and whether it’s for you.

In the meantime, we’ve put together some of the blogs our previous PhD bloggers have done to help you start thinking about it:

Unene wrote about everything from funding, to procrastination, to worklife balance, supervisors and even interviewed some of her fellow PhD candidates about their experiences.

Ali wrote about academic conferences and the reality of starting a PhD, and Frances reflected on her decision to stay in Manchester for her PhD as well as what her first year as a PhD student had been like.

Hopefully these little insights will help shape your thinking!

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