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6 essential things to get out the way now (so you don’t need to worry later)

Register with a local GP

This might be something you’re tempted to put off when you’re feeling fine, but once Fresher’s Flu hits or you need to speak to a GP the last thing you’ll want is having nowhere to go and dealing with new patient admin.

To change your GP all you have to do is visit the GP surgery you want to sign up to and go ask them to register you as a new patient. You’ll fill out a registration form and a request will be sent to your current GP to transfer your records over. Easy peasy. 

Sort your council tax

All student-only houses are exempt from paying council tax, and houses that have a student living there with other people working are eligible for a discount. If you’re unsure, there is more information here for you to double check whether you need to be paying this.

However, even if you and the rest of your house are exempt from paying council tax, you still need to inform the council that you are a student in order to get a full exemption or a discount. If you are asked for any further evidence or an exemption certificate, you can get this from the Student Services Centre.

Register to vote

If you’ve moved house since you last voted you must register at your new address, and paying council tax doesn’t mean you’re automatically registered to vote in your local area. Everyone you live with needs to register individually and all you’ll need to hand is your National Insurance number and passport.

You can register to vote here.

Get a student bank account

It’s definitely worth signing up for a student bank account if you haven’t already; not only do you get access to an interest free overdraft, but many banks also offer joining rewards, such as a free four-year railcard.

Find out which student bank account is best for you here.

Get vaccinated

Make sure all your vaccinations are up to date before you arrive, particularly Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Meningitis ACWY. If you want to know any more about what vaccinations you need then contact your local GP, who will also be able to book you in to be immunised.

Buy a TV Licence

You must have a TV Licence if you watch or record programmes on a TV, computer or any other device as they’re broadcast. Equally, if you download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer, you’ll need to buy a licence. You do not need a TV Licence to watch non-BBC programmes on online catch-up services, videos or DVDs clips on websites like YouTube or closed circuit television (CCTV).

A TV Licence costs £154.50 per household and if you get caught with not having one you could potentially be fined a lot of money, so make sure this is something that you get sorted when you first move in.

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