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How to live sustainably as a student

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Reducing our impact on the environment is something that matters to us here at the University and we know it matters to you too. It can sometimes feel difficult, but small changes do matter and little things do count! 

So, we’ve got some ideas to help you think about changes you can make and student blogger, Lydia has also collated her top tips for your student home, so between us we think we have some easy ideas you can incorporate into your student lifestyle fairly easily. And the good thing is, quite a lot of them save you money too!

Eat more sustainably

  • Want some locally grown, organic fresh veg? Every Tuesday behind the Uni Place, the Veg Box People makes it convenient, healthy and great for the environment.

The veg boxes come in different sizes ranging from just £6. The veg is grown within 50 miles of Manchester and freshly picked on the day just hours just before it appears in your box… and there’s no plastic packaging. It’s a great way to support the environment while also helping out local farmers.

  • Reduce food waste by cooking in large batches. Planning meals ahead can help save money, time and most importantly waste. One useful idea that might work for your house is having a rota of who prepares a family meal. Every bite not wasted contributes to a healthier and more sustainable environment!
  • Reduce your meat intake. Apologies to all meat-lovers but a great way to help the environment is to minimise the amount of meat in your diet, especially red meat. With meat production being a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, we could all play a role in slowing down the damage being caused to the environment by trying other sources of proteins such as legumes and nuts.

Save water 

Another great initiative to make the most of is United Utilities’ free water saving products. From shower regulators to shower timers, not only will your housemates’ 30 minute showers be a thing of the past, but these devices will also help save money on bills, and ultimately contribute to help saving the environment, drop by drop.

Travel green

Instead of waiting for a bus, how about walking or cycling?  Healthier for you and the environment, you might also be surprised about how much of your local surroundings just pass you by on that double decker.

Save electricity

Are you turning devices off when not using them? In a typical student house, there might be several laptops, phones, and TV’s all being used, so take the time to ensure everything is switched off afterwards. It can go a long way to help avoid wasting energy. This also goes for lights in the house; if they’re not being used, ensure you turn them off!

Slow your fashion down

Another biggie in the news is throw away fashion – why not reduce your fashion footprint (and the amount you spend) by thinking about second hand. See Lydia’s piece on the virtues of thrifting if you’re not sure if it’s for you!

We know this isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully there’s some inspiration here. This year, we’re keen to talk about different ways we can all reduce our environmental impact and so if you’ve got an idea we could share let us know!