It’s Time to Stellify

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“Be the focus and the vision,
Be the brightest in the universe
Be the future, be forward, be driven”

At Manchester we pride ourselves not only on our research and education, but also our social responsibility and our impact on society. Manchester has always been at the heart of change, looking forward and forging new paths – this is instilled in our students through Stellify.

‘Stellify’ means ‘to change or be changed into a star’ – and through Stellify you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons, examine and challenge real world issues, lead change and make a difference at a local and global level.

As each star is unique, and every person different, no one’s Stellify journey is the same. Whilst at the University you’ll find a whole host of transformational academic and extracurricular activities to help you stand out and make your mark. Whether it’s taking a course outside your area of study, doing a semester abroad, being a member of a student society or a peer mentor, by participating in your own combination of Stellify activities you’ll gain more than just a world-class degree.

Personalised Stellify activities instil in our students distinctive attributes and characteristics that are based around five core values:

Learn without boundaries – broaden your knowledge and horizons by taking a University College for Interdisciplinary Learning course unit, learn a new language with Manchester Language Centre, or think about studying abroad by visiting the Go Abroad Fair on Thursday 24 October.

Understand the issues that matter – Tackle real world issues by taking part in our Ethical Grand Challenges.

Make a difference – make a difference to the local or global community through volunteering. There’s a whole host of volunteering opportunities on offer at this Tuesday’s Volunteering and Social Justice Fair.

Step up and lead – gain confidence and inspire others by taking up a leadership role for a club, society, sports team or your course.

Create your future – shape the future you want by finding out what opportunities are available to you, developing your softer skills through internships, work experience and mentoring.

If you want to go further there’s also the chance for you to complete the Stellify Award – a mark of Manchester excellence. To find out the requirements of the Stellify award visit the Stellify website.

“Make all the difference
In every single thing you do
Stellify means to turn into a star
And the star that turns is you”

Lemn Sissay

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