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Where to eat in Manchester when you’re the only veggie in your group

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Being the only non-meater in a family or group of friends, is no easy task. I have spent many an outing in Nandos, ordering Peri-peri chips and Garlic bread, as a meal. Whilst this is a dream, unsurprisingly, it begins to lose its appeal after the third or fourth time.

With the New Year on the horizon, and the growing awareness of climate change it is likely that a lot more people will be subjected to my Nando’s Nightmare, as they attempt to reduce their meat consumption by adopting a vegan/veggie lifestyle. 

To assist on this journey/battle, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Vegan/Veggie and Meat eater friendly restaurants in Manchester, so that on your next meal out with your family, friends, partner or self, everyone can fine dine.

For American Diner Food


Common, NQ Manchester

‘Number 19 on The Times 25 Coolest Restaurants in Britain’

I couldn’t start this list without mentioning my favourite restaurant of all…Common. Common is an independent bar and restaurant situated in Manchester’s iconic Northern Quarter. Not only is the menu delicious and suitable for all, the interior decor is equally as delightful. Minimal/Scandinavian furniture meets colourful art in this cosy spot, just as seamlessly as Fried Chicken meets Seitan.

Their menu is the perfect mix for both Vegans and their meat eating companions. For those who are brunch inclined they have an impressive offering with a classic Fry up in all forms (Meat, Veggie and Vegan) for under £10, American pancakes, Breakfast burritos (with Veggie sausage options) and of course – a brunch staple – Avocado on toast.

For me the real star is the Main menu. This is where my favourite (vegan) Chicken Burger resides. The ‘No Clucks Given burger’ (who doesn’t love a punny menu), is a vegan friendly ‘chicken burger’ in a soft bun, topped with shredded lettuce and a vegan mayo. It’s as close to KFC as I’ve gotten since turning Vegetarian and was genuinely so good I almost cried. I couldn’t recommend it enough. 

Two Cooked Sliders and Fries

To further sweeten the deal, Common offers a £5 Lunch deal between 12pm and 3pm which is perfect for those on a budget.

You can find the full menu here

2. V-Rev

V-Rev is well known amongst students. This independent Vegan diner, also situated in the Northern Quarter, is worth the price for their milkshakes alone. Yes, technically this goes against the theme of this list (friendly for all), but I guarantee the food is so good that your meat eating companions would not be (too) upset.

V-Rev specialises in Vegan Diner food, similarly to Common, offering all the animal free comfort food one could ever desire. Mac n’ Cheese, Hot Dogs and Donut Burgers galore. 

Their Brunch menu is notably more select than Common’s, but their Dessert menu featuring a cookies and cream brownie, more than makes up for it.

You can find the full menu here

For Pan Asian Food

3. My Thai

‘As Thai as possible’ 

Only available in three cities in the UK, one of these being Manchester, My Thai is the place to go if you’re looking for Thai style street food. Stepping through the doors of their restaurant is equivalent to buying a plane ticket to Thailand. Authentic decor matches the authentic food to complete the experience. 

A majority of their dishes offer Chicken, Duck, Prawn, Pork, Beef or Tofu options and my go to order is the Tofu Saumi Pad Kee Mow. If you’re a fan of Noodle and Rice Dishes this is my first point of call, for a tasty and pocket friendly meal.

On Sundays between 12 and 5, they offer a Thai Buffet!

You can find the full menu here

4. Salt and Pepper Manchester

This sibling run stand, is situated in the Arndale Food Market, for those who would prefer a more casual dining experience and offers ‘Modern Chinese inspired street food’. Their menu has Tofu substitutions for all their dishes. The Salt and Pepper crispy tofu cubes, are my favourite option on the menu. Served with fresh salad, Asian slaw and optional salt & pepper chips, this marries both western and Asian cuisines perfectly. There are also chicken and beef options so everyone is happy.

You can see what’s on offer on their Instagram here

 For Indian Food

5. Dishoom 

Basket of Cooked Flatbreads

I’ll be honest, this is the only place in the list I haven’t visited myself, however this blogger hotspot is known across Instagram, and therefore high on my list. Known for their Bombay inspired take on the usual brunch options, with most of their locations being situated in London, we’re lucky to boast one here in Manchester. 

Dishoom offers both Vegan and Non-Vegan options and is great for those looking for something that isn’t Burgers or Noodles (all I seem to eat) and inspired by the ‘faded elegance’ of Irani Cafes.

I have heard wonderful things about their Naan breakfast rolls!

You can find their full menu here.