What matters to you?

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If you want to vote in the General Election on December 12 (and are eligible) you only have a day left to register to vote. The deadline for registering to vote is 11:59pm on Tuesday 26 December. It only takes a few minutes online and all you need is your national insurance number.

Whatever matters to you – tuition fees, climate change, healthcare, tax, transport – if you want to have your say on the 12 December, make sure you have registered to vote.

Register now

As a student did you know you can register at both your term time address and home address (if they are in different constituencies)? This means that on December 12 you can choose where you vote, but you can only vote in one area.

If you are an EU student with a permanent UK address you are also eligible to register to vote, and although you may not be able to vote in the general election, you are eligible to vote in others. You can check the government’s website to see which elections you’re eligible to vote in.

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