Learning Your Say for Your Uni

Unit Surveys launch! Tell us about your Semester 2 experience!

“Overall, I would rate this unit as being excellent”

“The feedback I received on my work was helpful”

How would you rate these statements about the units you’ve taken in Semester 1? When Unit Surveys open on 2nd December, you can tell us!

What you need to know:

  • They’re short – really short, and quick to complete.
  • They focus on teaching – we know that this is probably the most important part of your student experience and we want to make sure it’s excellent, but if you don’t tell us how we’re doing we won’t always know what needs improving.
  • They’re completely anonymous – so you can be completely honest about your experience.
  • Feedback goes directly to the course leader and really is listened to.  Because feedback goes directly to the School, changes can often be seen quickly.
  • Fill in yours by logging on to Blackboard, following the links in the Unit Survey email you receive or by downloading the EvaluationKIT app and entering the unique key from your Unit Surveys email. (If you have previously downloaded the app your surveys will just appear in your app).

Remember, we depend on your honest feedback to make sure that you have the teaching, resources, and facilities you need to succeed.

Surveys are open until 3rd January.

If you have something to say when Unit Surveys aren’t running there are several ways you can still make a difference:

  • Speak to your lecturer, tutor, academic advisor, or course administrator directly. Remember that respectful, constructive criticism, backed up with examples, and with preferred alternatives where possible, is more likely to result in a positive effect.
  • Speak to your course and programme rep. These are students who have chosen to join staff-student panels. They often have a very good relationship with staff, and can give your concerns a voice in School-level forums. There’s lots more information about reps here.
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