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How to get ahead in the build up to Christmas

Never mind the ‘C’ word (Christmas – there we said it!) – for many of you the E word is also looming (Exams – sorry said that too!)

Whilst it’s true that January exams are a good while off – and there’s definitely no need to panic, we do know lots of you will already be wondering how to juggle everything you have to do with the Christmas break. So, we’ve got a few ideas to help you get ahead.

1.Exam extra is here early – so make use of it!

During December, the Library is offering My Learning Essentials workshops to help you develop effective strategies for your revision.  Why not take a look so you can head into your revision prepared and confident.  You can find out more about Exam Extra here.

2. Plan your time so you have enough to do everything

And we mean everything. It’s really important that you have time to catch up with friends, enjoy all the festivities the city has to offer (or just watch Netflix if you want) as well as keep on top of your studies. Balance is the key, even when you feel overwhelmed. And the best people to share their tips for managing time are your fellow students. So, new student bloggers Laura and Louise have recently shared their experiences. See what works for them – and steal the things that might work for you!

3. Know what’s available at home if you’re not going to be on campus.

  • If you’re away from Manchester, did you know you might be able to work at your local university library? Check the SCONUL website, and depending on the university, you might even be able to borrow books.
  • Did you know that you can access the library catalogue and all databases, eBooks, email and personal storage when you are off campus?  Here’s all the information you need to get started with the Library as well as IT support.

4. Try and stay motivated

As December gets into full swing it sometimes feels like everyone is winding down and it can be difficult to stay motivated. But, if you can keep on top of things now, and plan how you’re going to work over the break you’ll put yourself in a great position to enjoy time over Christmas and keep sane when it comes to your workload.

Good luck!

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