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Celebrating the end of semester? Take care of yourself, your friends and your community

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With Christmas festivities and the end of semester in sight, there’s a good chance that you’ve got some celebrations planned… and so you should! Enjoy everything Manchester has to offer with your friends, but just remember to keep each other safe, and to be mindful of those that might not be out and about.

Here’s just a few things to remember on a night out.

Stay safe

Stick together

If you’re on a night out, it’s always best to stay in a group, keep an eye out for each other and try and be aware that drinking can affect everyone’s judgement. Make sure your phone is charged before you go, so if you do get separated you can contact them (and they can contact you).

When you’re leaving to go home, make sure that no one’s left behind, and don’t let anyone wait around on their own.

If you know that someone needs to go home, don’t let them go alone. And definitely do not let them walk.

Let people know where you are, and how you’re getting home

Make sure someone knows where you are and what time you’re due home.

If you’re getting a taxi, make sure you wait in a safe place and check the driver’s ID before you get in. Do not flag down private taxis unless you have pre-booked them. Only black hackney carriages can be flagged down in the street.

The Students’ Union Safe Taxi Scheme means that if you run out of cash and need to get home, you can give StreetCars Taxis your student card in lieu of payment, and pay the following day when you collect your card from the Students’ Union Helpdesk.

Be aware of your surroundings

If you’re on foot, try and stay on well-lit routes and whenever possible avoid isolated areas, especially if you’re alone.

Strolling and scrolling is something most of us do, but it’s definitely a better idea to keep your phone out of sight. Not only for the security of your phone, but it only takes a few seconds to be distracted whilst checking Instagram or changing tracks that you step out into the road without checking.

Be considerate

While you’re out having fun (and staying safe!) always try to remember that not everyone is sharing your celebrations. You may well have neighbours who aren’t students who might have work or small children in bed. Even if all your neighbours are students they still might not appreciate late night noise.

So keep noise to a minimum, especially when you’re leaving and when you’re coming home so you don’t keep your neighbours up all night. If there are celebrations in your house let them know and make sure your guests are also considerate.

If there are any issues with disturbances in your community, please ring Manchester City Council’s Licensing and Out of Hours Team on 0161 234 5004. The team works until 4.30am most mornings.

For more information, see Student Support.

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