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What to expect in Manchester this Christmas

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Christmas is coming. With the switching on of the lights a few weeks ago, it is officially holiday season in Manchester. The shorter days are upon us, the markets are in full swing and whilst it’s cold and wet, it’s also the most magical time of the year.

I’ve put together a little sneak peak of what to expect in Manchester this year (watch the video below!), and included some fun and unique ideas for presents. Think handmade satchels, crystal pendant necklaces, vegan-suede cushions, Game of Thrones memorabilia, Harry Potter wands and even didgeridoos! There are rainmakers too, but use with caution… I gave it a go and five minutes later it started raining. Coincidence? I think not!

The Christmas markets are laid out a little differently this year with the Town Hall work that’s currently going on, so it might be worth giving the map a quick read before heading there.

Enjoy the video!

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