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What to do in the period between Christmas and New Year

The six days in between Christmas and New Years is a bit of a weird one. That unusual time when you’re not sure what time or day it is, and everything merges into one. The excitement of the build up to Christmas is over but its still a while till you celebrate the New Year.

It’s kind of the holidays but not quite as many people will be at work in between the festivities. In fact its such a distinct time of year the Norwegians even have a particular name for it – Romjul.

So what to do with these six days? If you Google “What to do in between Christmas and New Year” you’ll be given a whole list of ideas such as Buzzfeed’s ’25 Things to be between Christmas and New Year.” However, if you’re still in Manchester during this time we’ve put together a list of suggestions that are a bit more Manchester specific.

Shop the Sales
Why not look for some bargains in the Boxing Day sales? Manchester has a great shopping centre, and with a lot of the student population away for the holidays market street will hopefully be a little bit quieter for you to peruse the shelves. The International Society will be taking a trip to Cheshire Oaks and Cheshire for the boxing day sales if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Be a culture vulture
If you haven’t had time to visit any of Manchester’s cultural institutions this year why not take advantage during their quieter periods between Christmas and New Years. Many of Manchester’s museums and art galleries are open during the week with their many interesting exhibitions such as Art and Mindfulness at Manchester Art Gallery, find out what’s happening to the Town Hall at the Central Library exhibition, or visit the “Art of the Brick” Lego exhibition at the Great Northern Warehouse.

You just need to check the opening times of the museums and galleries as some will have shorter opening hours over the holidays.

Whitworth Art Gallery
Museum of Science and Industry
Manchester Art Gallery

Winter Walks
If you want venture further out of the city and take in the country side, why not enjoy some scenic walks. Get some fresh air and have a look at some of the winter walks in Greater Manchester with stunning views. Just remember to warm up and wear the appropriate footwear.

Winter Warmers
Alternatively if you’d prefer to stay indoors during the period why not take a trip to the cinemas and catch some of the latest releases such as Star Wars, Cats and Little Women. Or for something a little different visit HOME for their BFI Musical event.

If the thought of leaving the house doesn’t suit you, why not stay in, get cosy in your PJs and binge that TV series you’ve been meaning to watch, or listen to all the episodes of your favourite podcasts.

If you’re staying in halls over the holidays, have a look at the events that are taking place at the different halls.

There’s also a Christmas and New Years get together being held by the International Society on Saturday 28 December.

Whatever you are doing over the period, do what feels right for you and give yourself time to relax at the end of the year. If you find yourself not knowing what to do, or you’re at a bit of a loose end and need some support remember we have resources on the Student Support website. There is also Big White Wall – which you can access at anytime any day – whatever you are feeling.

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