Things to do the night before your exam

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It’s the night before your exam and while you may be feeling anxious, it’s a good time to calm those nerves by getting organised with this ultimate checklist.

  1. Double check you know where your exam is

There may be nothing worse than being late for your exam because you got lost on campus – only to find out you’re no longer allowed to sit the exam. It’s a big campus, and you might be in a space you’re unfamiliar with, so double check you know exactly where it is. Take a look at the campus map if you’re unsure where the building is. On the day of your exam, make sure you get there 15 minutes early.

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 2. Plan your journey

While it may sound like you’re going on holiday, it’s extremely important to plan your journey ahead of your exams – even if  you’ve done the trip a hundred times before. Allow yourself extra time in the morning to grab some breakfast and to travel to campus ahead of the rush hour.

Some exams may be held on North Campus, which might mean you have to get a different bus than you usually do. The 147 bus will take you from South Campus to North Campus and back, and is free if you show your student ID card!


3. Remember to bring your student ID card

Make sure you have your student ID card with you as it’s necessary for you to sit your exam. If you’ve lost it in the morning of the exam or simply don’t have time to buy a new one from the Student Services Centre, you can take your passport or driving license as ID.

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4. Don’t forget your stationary

This may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how easily this can be forgotten! Make sure you have enough spare pens with you including your lucky ones, if any. And if you require a calculator, make sure it’s allowed under the regulations.


5. Sitting an open book  exam?

If it’s an open book exam, make sure you know exactly what you can and can’t take in by talking to the lecturer who has written the paper. Have this ready before the morning of the exam, so you don’t have to turn your room upside down whilst on the hunt for that book.

find book

6. Do what works for you

Everyone is different. Some people prefer to be on their own before exams, some wear their lucky socks, others would rather blast some music to get motivated, and there is no right or wrong way. Do whatever puts you ‘in the zone’ and you’ll be sure to have done the best you could.

7. Don’t stay awake all night

While it may be tempting to stay awake and cram in extra revision, try to avoid doing this and instead get an early night. Sleep is extremely important and is critical for memory formation. Aim to get a full eight hours of sleep before your big day as this will help you to relax, get some rest and reflect on everything you’ve worked so hard for.

all nighter

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