Career Future

Learn something outside your degree

Studying a UCIL (University College of Interdisciplinary Learning) unit gives you the opportunity to study something different, gain skills and broaden your horizons while studying alongside students from different degree programmes.

You can explore challenges for leaders in the 21st century through Leadership in Action or find out more about Creating a Sustainable World. Gain insight into business through Essential Enterprise or find out more about the universe through Are we Alone? The Search for Extraterrestrial life.

Whatever your passions or interests, there is a UCIL unit for you.

UCIL units are open to Undergraduate students who have a free-choice option.

Interested? Read Tasnim’s blog all about her experience of UCIL courses, or Megan’s blog about the benefits of taking a module outside your academic course. Find out more and sign up now for a UCIL course.

The deadline for choosing a UCIL unit is Friday 7th February.

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