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Our Future – University launches its new strategic plan

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On Tuesday 14 January, the University launched its new strategic plan and vision for the future of the institution. Named ‘Our Future‘ the plan has been developed over the last few months with over 4,000 students, staff, alumni and external providers involved, having their say on the kind of institution the University should be and what direction we should be moving in.

Our Future’s ambitious vision states – We will be recognised globally for the excellence of our people, research, learning and innovation, and for the benefits we bring to society and the environment.

Building on the previous 2020 strategic plan, Our Future sets out the University’s priorites for the next five years. Keeping our three existing core goals of; research and discovery, teaching and learning and social responsibility, whilst adding cross-cutting themes of innovation, civic engagement and global influence.

Over the next few months more information and details of the plans for each of the themes and core goals will be communicated.

In order to gauge progress towards our vision, the following have been identified as measures of success. These aimed to be achieved by 2025.

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