It’s National Student Money Week!

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We all know that being a student and being good with money are often thought as mutually exclusive – but that doesn’t have to be the case!

3rd – 7th February 2020 is National Student Money Week, so we’re running a week of activities – and there’s a chance to win a few prizes along the way. This year’s theme is sustainable money habits, which are both good for the planet and for your bank account. Take a look at the events and competitions that we have running throughout the week and join in for tips, tricks and advice to help you make the most of your money:

Monday 3rd February: Clothes Swap (in collaboration with Want Not Waste)
12pm to 3pm in Ground Floor of the SU

Do you have some clothes bought by your well-meaning but ultimately misguided Aunt this Christmas? Or that jacket you swore you would wear all the time but in reality it’s been sat on the back of your door for the past 6 months? Bring them down to the clothes swap and help prove the idea that one person’s castaway is another person’s treasure. This means you not only save money but can also contribute to saving the planet.

Maximum of 10 items allowed per person. Any leftover clothes will be donated to the local Oxfam store on Oxford Road. Check out the Facebook event page for more information and to register your interest.

Tuesday 4th February: Money quiz
10am to 4pm in Student Wellbeing space in the Main Library

Think you’re the next Martin Lewis? Well we’re giving you the chance to show us your money saving expertise and win some prizes. The more questions you get right, the better the prize!

Wednesday 5th February: Money tips competition
10am to 4pm in Student Wellbeing space in the Main Library

From budgeting to massive meal prepping advice, we want to hear your best tips for making your money go further. Share your best pearl of financial wisdom and you could win a stack of best-selling books worth over £50.

Thursday 6th February: Money tips competition (online)
All day on the @uomwellbeing Instagram account

Don’t worry if you can’t get to South campus to take part in the Library’s money tips competition, you can get involved through the @uomwellbeing Instagram page. The best tip of the day wins a copy of Monopoly, which is perfect for those cold February nights when heading out to town is just too much.

Friday 7th February: Shopping basket challenge
10am to 4pm in Student Wellbeing space in the Main Library

We’ve bought two baskets full of shopping, the only difference being that one is branded and the other is Sainsbury’s own. Do you think you could guess what each basket is worth? Whoever gets closest will win the contents to take home!

Looking for more information?

Want to know where to get started on budgeting and sustainable living? Check out this comprehensive guide to making the most of your money and being kinder to the planet whilst you’re at it.

You can also check out our free budget planner. Print at home or there are limited copies that can be collected at the Student Wellbeing space in the Main Library.

And don’t forget student discounts can help your money go further. Take a look at our top discount tips and also the exclusive UoM discount scheme.

Really Struggling?

Try not to worry – there’s help available. The Student Support website has lots of advice and guidance, including information on how you may be able access additional funds such as the Living Cost Support Fund, which is currently open for applications.

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