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Top Manchester cafes to visit for some alone time

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I have always enjoyed being alone. It is how I replenish my energy and recharge. I absolutely love spending time with friends and family but there always comes a point, without fail, where I can just feel that I need some alone time. For me, it’s not at all about not wanting to be around others but needing some time and space for myself.

I often simply head to my room and be by myself there, but other times I head out and find a place where I can be alone amongst other people. It usually just depends on the time of day (Is it too late?) and the weather (Is it raining?).

As you might be able to tell by the title of this article, a café is my preferred setting when I head out! And with Manchester’s massive selection of cafes, there’s some really great ones whether you’re looking to people-watch, read, write or revise.

I think there’s a lot to be gained from making time to be alone, whether you’re a self-proclaimed introvert or not. Plus, you might even get to try out a new café! Below I share some of my favourites. Note that these are my top choices when I’m by myself. There are even more great cafes that are perfect for when you’re with a friend or in a group. (Foundation and Ezra & Gil come to mind)!

  1. Chapter One Books – If you love to read, or love being surrounded by books, this café is for you! Not only does it have books available for purchase, but it also has really cozy interiors and several nooks that’s perfect for lone visitors. Plus, they’ve got a great cake selection!
  1. Ziferblat – If you haven’t yet visited Ziferblat, what are you waiting for? It’s a really cool social/co-working space where everything is free (the use of the space and all food and beverages) for 8p per minute per person. There are 3 locations in Manchester: Edge Street, Oxford Road and Bishopgate. It’s a fantastic place to get work done when you’re fed up of the four walls of your bedroom. It’s like a home away from home, but with more snacks! And when you’re done revising, have your friends meet you and play one of the board games they have lying around.
  1. Manchester Central Library Cafe – Looking out onto St Peter’s Square, the ground floor café in the Manchester Central Library is the perfect spot if you’re up for some people-watching. And if you get a bit bored, browse the library’s shelves and pick out something to read for a bit.
  1. Gallery Café, Manchester Art Gallery – This café is fantastic to read in. The ambience I think is just right when you feel like getting stuck into your current read. And while you’re there, head upstairs. The Manchester Art Gallery building is gorgeous and there’s lots of artwork that’s so worth seeing if you haven’t already.

I hope you found a new café to visit when you need some time to yourself!

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