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Nominations are open for Students’ Union Elections 2020!

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From 27 February to 5 March 2020, the SU are opening up the votes for your student leaders for 2020-2021.

The Executive Officer team and part-time officers are your voice to the University and the community around us, and they make real change for students right here at our University. 

During the main elections period in February/March, students are elected into full-time or part-time positions who represent different groups of students and campaign on a variety of issues. The election is the opportunity for any eligible student to run for a position, and for other students to choose which candidate they want representing them.

Whether you’re passionate about welfare and student rights, creating positive change, holding the University to account or just voting for the students who you want to represent you, this election is an opportunity to get your voice heard and make an impact on what matters to you at University.

How do I run in the election?

Nominations for the main elections have been open on the Students’ Union website since Monday 6th January. In order to run in the election, you will need to complete the online nomination form. The nomination form includes your manifesto.

To nominate yourself follow these simple steps:

  • Head to
  • Find the position you’d like to run for and click ‘Submit’
  • Upload a photo of you and your manifesto
  • Submit it! Before the close of nominations you’ll receive confirmation that we’ve approved your nomination

Once you’re a candidate, you will be expected to campaign to encourage other students to vote for you, and discuss the issues you’d like to work on in that position. Throughout the campaign you will need to abide by our Election Rules and help make sure the election is fun, free and fair.

What is a manifesto?

Your manifesto is your chance to tell other students why they should vote for you, and sets out your ideas and plans. You should explain why you want to represent students and what changes or projects you would implement if you are elected.

The manifesto is limited to 300 words. When you submit your nomination form online, this must be text only but you can embed links to social media pages, videos, images, etc. Many candidates also choose to create artwork for their manifesto, which you can use as part of your campaign materials.

For more information on SU elections and FAQs, click here.

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