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Can I change your opinion on Valentine’s Day?

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It’s that time of year again where we are forced to accept that love exists, and it is in fact an amazing thing that is very special to us as humans. It’s Valentine’s Day, or just the 14th February to most people, and I’m here to try and make you see the good in it.

Valentine’s Day comes under so much scrutiny. Many people think it is just another way of businesses making money, or find it uncomfortable for many different reasons – I mean, is anyone really a fan of PDA? You find this across the board, regardless of relationship status. People just hate Valentine’s Day and everything it stands for. But what if I told you that it all comes down to your own interpretation, and my theory that ANYONE can enjoy the day?

Think about it this way, it is a way of celebrating love. Now I’m almost certain that everyone has experienced love in their lives, whether that be from a parent, grandparent, romantic partner, friend, pet… whoever it is that you love in your life, think about them for a moment and consider how you feel. Now I don’t want you to think about the hurt or breakups or anything like that, just try and consider the actual feeling of love for another being. I’d say for most, it’s a nice feeling. And the likelihood is, there are people out there who love you too, and that’s also a pretty nice feeling.

So why not celebrate and enjoy one of the most unique and intriguing things about human beings, and just take the time out for one day to show your loved ones that you, well, love them!

Here are a few thoughtful, cheap ways of doing just that:

1. 12 months of activities.

This can apply to anybody – partner, friend, family member etc. I did this for my boyfriend last year and he really loved it. What you do is think up an idea of something to do every single month (a total of 12) for the rest of the year. That way, you’re showing someone you really care as you’re planning to take at least one day out every month to spend with them.

Examples could be:

  • Both pick a favourite movie and watch them together.
  • Go strawberry picking (or pumpkin picking if it’s October!).
  • Have a BBQ on the beach in the Summer.

They can be as wild or as chilled as you like, and you can make them super cheap! Cheater’s tip – if you can’t think of 12 ideas, there are plenty on Google.

2. Give somebody a copy of your favourite book and highlight the parts which resonate with you.

I read this idea online once and I really fell for it, although I haven’t had time to do it myself yet. I just think there is something so personal about giving your favourite book to someone, and the highlighting element just adds to that. It will be like giving your person a little look into your mind.

To take this one step further, ask them to highlight the parts they liked and pass the book to somebody else!

3. Make a collage of you both.

I bet you thought I meant a scrap book when you read that heading. Well, I did, but I also think it would be pretty cool to make somebody a playlist with all your favourite songs, or songs that remind you of times together. Another option would be to make a video (very easy to do, there are apps such as iMovie, or find more on Google) which includes some of your best memories – photos and videos you have taken together.

Whatever you do, have a wonderful time celebrating and remember, it doesn’t hurt to be kind!

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