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Start up your business with the Venture Further 2020 competition!

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Are you thinking of starting up a business? In need of some funding? Then here’s your chance to win up to £12,000 and make it a reality with our annual business start-up competition.

The Venture Further 2020 competition is looking for new business ideas that have a high potential to succeed. We’re also looking for students who are really passionate about taking their business forward.

There are five categories to enter:

  • Business – businesses with commercial potential via new products or services
  • Creative – businesses focused on industries such as advertising, gaming, music, etc.
  • Environmental – businesses which aim to minimise/reverse the negative impact of themselves or others on the environmental community
  • Social – businesses which are mission driven, delivering solutions that will have a positive impact on social well-being of people
  • Technology – businesses that apply new technologies to generate new experiences

You’ll need to complete three stages of the competition:

  • Express your interest:  send in an email to You’ll then be on the mailing list and will find out more info from then.
  • First round: you’ll need to submit your entry by 8 March 2020
  • Final round: you’ll need to present your business to a panel of judges

1st place in each category will be awarded £12,000, whilst 2nd place in each category will be awarded £3,000. Winners will be announced at the Venture Further Awards Ceremony in the Whitworth Hall on the 4th May.

As well as the prize money, entering the competition will introduce you to a world of support programmes, workshops, mentors and networks to grow your ideas. If you have a viable business proposal then get involved. Take a look at last year’s finalists and winners as they share their ideas and their plans for the future!

For more information, including a more in-depth description of what you’ll need to do at each stage and how to apply check out the Venture Further 2020 website.

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