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The Sustainable Student: A six step guide

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With 40,000 students and 245 buildings spanning over 270 hectares of land, our environmental impact as a University is vast. 

Against a backdrop which is nothing short of apocalyptic, I challenge you to ask yourself “What can I do to be more sustainable?”

I know that recycling labels can be confusing and Eco friendly fashion isn’t exactly student friendly, so here’s some easy to follow tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint….

1. Wash less, wear more: Wash your clothes at 30C and no more than once a week to increase the longevity of your garments. Wash your jumpers and fleece’s inside out or invest in wash bags to reduce the amount of micro plastics released into the ocean.

2. Eat local and plastic free: Manchester is packed with sustainable supermarkets and cafe’s. Check out the Unicorn Cooperative in Chorlton for sustainable groceries or download the Too Good To Go App for unsold scran.

3. Lights on, lights off: Small changes can have a big impact, remember to switch off the lights as you leave the room.

Tip: Pop a sticky note under your bedroom light so you don’t forget!

4. Recycle like you mean it: We throw away 7 times our body weight each year, only 45% of that is recycled. Get rid of waste responsibly, don’t be lazy here.

Tip: Online recycling guides are quick and easy to use, take a look at Recycle for Greater Manchester or recycling guide.

5. Swap Topshop for the charity shops: There’s a charity shop for everyone in Manchester, head to Pop Boutique, Oxfam Originals and the Kilo Sale on Oldham street for Vintage classics. Alternatively hop on the 142(East) to Didsbury High Street for the best second hand spots South Manchester has to offer. If second hand clothes aren’t for you then research your most loved brands with the Good on You Guide.

6. Ethical grand challenges at UoM: No, I haven’t been endorsed to plug this but it is worth a go. Prepare for post uni life with the UoM’s very own ‘ethics in the workplace’ boot camp.

Our only home is planet Earth, let’s look after it.

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