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Be kind: 4 ways to be a kinder person during the coronavirus outbreak

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As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK continues to rise, now more than ever, we need kindness in the world. Here, we take a look at four easy ways to embrace kindness and spread the love – not the virus. 

Think of those less fortunate 

We might all be worrying about the impact of coronavirus on our lives, but try to take some time to consider those less fortunate, too. Coronavirus is set to have a worrying impact on homeless people in the UK, who are already vulnerable and have little opportunity to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser. Read the City Council’s advice on helping the homeless or read this article on the best ways you can help, viral outbreak or not. 

Offer to help someone else

When was the last time you went and asked someone if they needed help? It sounds so simple, but offering to help another person is a small gesture that goes a long way. From offering up your seat on the bus to facetiming your friends to see how they’re doing out of the blue, helping others really can be that random, and that easy.

Pay it forward

There are more ways to help someone other than donating money to charity – although that’s great too! Why not use your goodwill to ‘pay it forward’, doing something kind for a friend or a stranger with the idea that they’ll do the same for the next person too. And, in turn, you’ve helped yourself. Studies have shown that after doing a good deed, the human body produces endorphins (AKA happy hormones). 

Stay off social media

With coronavirus mania hitting social media, there’s a lot of negative press and harmful interactions that could potentially hurt or offend people or communities. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, stay out of the negative hysteria online and even consider a social media detox to keep the negativity to a minimum.

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