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Our guide to studying from home

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With all physical face-to-face teaching at the University suspended, and most of us now social distancing the way we work is changing, and its something none of us are really used to. So we’ve put a guide together on studying from home:

Set up your workspace 

It may be tempting to not leave the confines of your bed for the next few weeks, but trust us when we say it’s best to set up a dedicated workspace for working at home. This could be a desk in your room or lounge or at the kitchen table. If possible, try to keep where you study and where you relax separate. Not only will this help you to be as productive as possible, but make sure you’re able to switch off at the end of the day as you can mentally separate relaxing from work.

Read student Lina’s piece about setting up your own sweet study spot.

Make a schedule

Just like you (hopefully) would when revising or working on an assignment plan out your time. Whether that’s creating a to-do list each day, or scheduling what you’ll do and when over what the coming week planning what you have to do will help you keep your day structured. And what’s more satisfying than ticking things off your to-do list?

Plan in breaks and free time

It’s also important when you are making your schedule to plan in some breaks and time for yourself. Just like you would in a normal day plan in some time for coffee/tea breaks, catch-ups with friends over the phone, or doing some exercise.

It’s also good to have a clear set end time for your work, this should be whatever works for you. But pick a definitive finishing time each day to give yourself the space to wind-down and do something you enjoy.

Organise a study group

We know how important it is to share ideas and discussions with your coursemates, so why not set up your own study groups while working at home? Whether that’s a Whatsapp group or Skype or Zoom call, not only will you get some much needed socialisation but you won’t lose out on valuable conversations around your course.

Prioritise your wellbeing

These are uncertain times for most of us, and a lot of us will be feeling anxious or overwhelmed and its completely normal to be feeling that way. The most important thing to do is look after yourself and those around you. If you are feeling anxious have a read of looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak.