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Burn off your Easter Feasting

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Despite the strange times we’re living in, we hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and had the chance to enjoy the traditions of a Sunday roast, hot cross buns and Easter eggs. It’s great to indulge in a few Easter treats, but if it’s left you wanting to restore a bit of balance we’ve got some ideas to help!

Even though you might not be able to head to the gym for a workout at the moment, there’s still loads you can do to stay active. And, any activity – big or small, is not only great for cardio health but also great for your overall wellbeing.

Walking and jogging (at a medium pace)

At the time of writing, government guidelines still allow one form of exercise outdoors each day which make walking and running great options. Not only are you moving but you get a chance to take in some air, take a real break and away step away from your screens.

Don’t forget there’s loads of free apps that can track and record your walks or runs, try Strava, Endomondo, Mapometer, or Nike Run Club.

Online workouts

If there wasn’t before, there is definitely something for everyone out there now. From bums, legs and tums, to HIIT workouts, circuit training using household objects – you’ll be able to find something that suits your style (and fitness level).

Looking for some inspiration? Don’t forget UoM Sport’s #stayinworkout campaign where you’ll find all kinds of work outs led by instructors from Be Active and the University fitness centres.

Some of our student bloggers have also recently written about exercise. Laura is also a personal trainer and has put together a work out at home programme, Megan gives you her tips on working out for free and Carola talks about her love of yoga, including some of her favourite online programmes.

Or there’s always the nation’s new PE teacher Joe Wicks!

If you’re unsure about how to do an individual exercise, there are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube.


If you’re lucky enough to own a bike, current guidelines mean you can use your bike for your daily outdoor exercise. If you’re in the UK, Let’s Ride helps you find great cycle routes near you.

Just keep moving

Really, the important message is stay active, however works for you. It doesn’t have to be full on if that’s not for you! 

Trying to maintain a healthy balance can be tough at anytime, but more so now. Don’t forget we’re here to help, take a look at the student support website for information and advice.

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