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A playlist to get you through the pandemic

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It can be hard to keep up good spirits in a lockdown. To help, we’ve created our very own quarantine playlist to help cheer you up and get you through the pandemic one tune at a time:

  1. “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”  The Police
  2. “No Air” Chris Brown
  3. “You Sound Like You’re Sick”, The Ramones
  4. Work From Home”, Fifth Harmony
  5. “Don’t You Forget About Me”Simple Minds
  6. “Take My Breath Away”, Berlin
  7. “Isolation”John Lennon
  8. “Toxicity”, System Of A Down
  9. “Mask Off”, Future
  10. “In My Room”Frank Ocean
  11. “Night Fever”, Bee Gees
  12. “SICKO MODE”, Travis Scott
  13. “Down With The Sickness”, Disturbed
  14. “I Think We’re Alone Now”Tiffany
  15. “All By Myself”Celine Dion
  16. “U Can’t Touch This”MC Hammer
  17. “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”REM
  18. Toxic”, Britney Spears

Got any more to add to the list? Post your lockdown songs on the Students at Home Facebook group and we’ll pick the best ones to add to our playlist!