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Making the most out of virtual hangouts

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All over the world, people are using virtually technology to stay connected to their loved ones but with the coronavirus-induced social isolation continuing, we need to get creative. It’s time to start making memories using our electronic devices and talking on the phone isn’t going to cut it. We need to embrace this incredibly strange situation and make the most out of virtual platforms to stay connected.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can inject some fun into your future simulated hangouts:

1. Virtual baking or cooking sessions

Why not use your newly found free time to get experimental in the kitchen and trial new recipes with others?

2. Virtual art classes

Spend time creating masterpieces with friends and family.

3. Virtual house parties

Get dressed up, play some music, and keep the drinks flowing.

4. Virtual book clubs

Reading is a great way to switch off from the daily coronavirus news, so why not include others? Set up a meetup to discuss your latest reads.

5. Virtual family dinners

Get the whole family together, once a week, to enjoy a home cooked meal.

6. Virtual quiz nights

A great way to get everyone involved in a hangout and keep things interactive.

7. Virtual games

The house party app makes it easy to play your favourite board games without needing to be in the same room.

8. Virtual karaoke

Singing out of tune into a pretend microphone is a sure-fire way to keep everyone’s spirits uplifted.

9. Virtual date nights

Just because you aren’t isolating with your partner, doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up and spend the evening together on a ‘date’.

10. Virtual workouts

Stay motivated with regular fitness workouts alongside your previous running or gym buddies.

11. Virtual movie nights

A new Google Chrome extension (Netflix party) makes it easy to watch the same movie, at the same time, no matter where you are.

12. Joint video games

Many gaming consoles allow users to play with each other over WIFI connections.

13. Start a pen pal correspondence

Go old-school and put pen to paper. Receiving a letter in the post is more personal and exciting than a virtual message.

It’s never been more important to stay connected with friends and family. This is a new and strange situation for everybody, alike. Ensure that you keep virtual interactions fun and frequent so that you don’t feel isolated whilst socially isolating.

Keep Studenting (just at a distance)!

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