Money Support

Here to help: Living Cost Support Fund open for applications

On top of trying to figure out studying away from campus and dealing with social isolation, if the current crisis is causing you additional financial worries, the University might be able to offer practical support through the Living Cost Support Fund.

The fund is open to all students, regardless of level of study or nationality. It is open all year round and can award small grants and loans to help students overcome financial hardship – and we understand that at the moment there may be unexpected or additional money worries.

This is why we’ve updated the information on the Student Support money pages to outline just some of the current issues we can help with (although this isn’t exclusive, so so get in touch if you’re struggling in other ways), and we’re now accepting scanned supporting documents. We’re also working hard to process all applications as quickly as we can.

Find out more information and how to apply on the Student Support money pages.

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