Films And Shows For When You’ve Run Out Of Things To Watch

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I don’t know if you’re like me, but have you been endlessly scrolling through any and all streaming services you have a subscription to? Constantly clicking that channel button on your remote control looking for a program worthy of your time? (I’m still working full-time on a report so I *need* my breaks to be spent on a good show!) Mindlessly “watching” YouTube videos – and by watching I mean playing in the background whilst you’re also repeatedly scrolling through all the social media apps on your phone?

Same here. I totally get it. Despite having an incredibly large amount of films, TV shows and videos at your fingertips, the struggle of finding just the right one is all too real.

You probably have already seen the most popular ones – Tiger King, Money Heist, etc… If you haven’t, well spoiler: Carole Baskin killed her husband (allegedly). So I’ve compiled a list below of films and series that you might not have come across or simply might’ve just forgotten about! (I’m thinking of some 90s films here!)

So if you’ve been struggling to find just the right thing to watch, check out my mini curation. Hopefully you’ll find something to entertain you…for a while at least!


This is probably the cutest show I’ve seen in a while, with an all-around feel good vibe. The popular girl from an affluent family meets simple boy from a different world might be a familiar storyline, but it’s a got a twist that underlines the entire series. The main characters are great (and incredibly stylish), but the supporting characters, I feel, achieve the comedy, drama and goofiness that fully completes the show. Note that it is in Korean, so unless you’re fluent you’ll need to read subtitles. But it’s honestly definitely worth not multi-tasking (i.e. scrolling on your phone)!

Where to watch? Netflix.

  • LOST

I know, Lost ended in 2010 and the finale was so horrible I personally know people who refuse to discuss that last episode. BUT, I never watched it until February (of 2020) and over the years I somehow managed to avoid any spoilers. And guess what? It’s awesome. I struggle to think of a show that is as binge-worthy as Lost to be honest. The characters are interesting, the island is intriguing, and the story arcs keep you guessing. And yeah, admittedly, the finale probably wasn’t the ending people had hoped for, but I honestly don’t see how else to wrap up the story. (But there are a ton of blog posts about that, so I won’t go into a spiel here!) Anyway, I say all that to say, watch LOST you will not regret it.

Where to watch? Amazon.


With all the festivals cancelled (or postponed to a much later date) in this year of 2020, you might have a festival shaped hole left in your heart. Fret not, a documentary has been released free to stream on YouTube chronicling 20 years of Coachella and how it has over the years transformed from this small one-day event that made a massive financial loss, to THE festival of all festivals. And if you still haven’t seen it there’s also Beyoncé’s Homecoming documentary on Netflix chronicling her Coachella performance in 2018, aka Beychella.

Where to watch? YouTube.


This film tells the story of a high school American footballer who later gets drafted into the NFL. Sometimes, the weight of the world feels like it’s resting on your shoulders… And then you watch a film like this and remember that there are more good people out there in the world than the not-so-good. It pulls at your heartstrings, but the ending is happy. Plus, it’s based on a true story!

Where to watch? Amazon or Netflix.


What would the film industry be without 90s romcoms? I have a few recommendations so I’ve bunched them together here. They might be predictable but hey, they’ve got that nostalgia factor, are easy to watch and are overall feel-good movies.

Here are a few: Bring It On, Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, Just Friends,Ever After and What A Girl Wants

Where to watch? Amazon, Netflix, Disney+.


On Friday evenings, one of Andrew Lloyd’s Webbers musicals is premiered on YouTube and you’ll then have 24 hours to watch before it’s taken down if you’re in the UK (it’s 48 hours in other countries). In previous weeks the musicals Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies have been released. Check out the channel “The Show Must Go On” on Friday!

Where to watch? YouTube.

I hope you’ve found at least one film or show that’s intrigued you enough to check it out! Perhaps take a little time out today, particularly if things have been hectic, to stop working fully, take a real break and enjoy an episode or two.