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5 bands from Greater Manchester to listen to during lockdown

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As a Greater Manchester girl born and bred, I am always proud of the talent produced in my area. Most of my musical taste is influenced by Manchester greats such as Oasis, The Verve, and The Smiths, but now I’m bringing you another 5 bands from Greater Manchester to listen to during lockdown. If, like me, you’re always listening to music in lockdown and enjoy discovering new bands and artists, get these bands added to your playlist and enjoy some Manchester sounds from wherever you are in the world.


From: Stockport

If you only listen to one of their songs, check out my favourite: Honey Sweet

Whenever I’m asked who my favourite band are, I always say Blossoms with no hesitation. The band bring a unique and distinct sound to each of their three albums; their latest album and my favourite to date, Foolish Loving Spaces, brings together the sound of a gospel choir and influences from musical giants such as Fleetwood Mac, Morrissey, Talking Heads and Primal Scream. Not only do the band have insane musical talent, but they come across as a great group of lads you could have a laugh with down at the pub. This warmth, friendliness, and Northern humour is showcased in their hilarious podcast series ‘The Blossoms Pubcast’, which should also be on your list of things to listen to in lockdown. Also check out their social media pages for their recent ‘Blossoms in Isolation’ videos, where the band have recorded their own songs and covers from their homes, all of which will be released in an album later in the year.

Photo by Ewan Odgen, from Blossoms Facebook page


From: Macclesfield

If you only listen to one of their songs, check out my favourite: 100 Times Over

I stumbled upon Cassia by chance whilst Spotify was on shuffle. I think the first song I heard was 100 Times Over and I was instantly drawn in by the upbeat, feel-good tune from the trio. I got my boyfriend to listen to them as well, and he loved their distinct sound just as much as me. We both went to see them in 2018 at Band on the Wall in the Northern Quarter for £8 a ticket (this venue is amazing!). It was a great gig, and the infectious positivity within their songs rubbed off on the crowd as you could clearly sense everyone was having great fun. Whilst gigs are probably off the agenda for a while due to social distancing regulations, listening to Cassia’s uplifting melodies is sure to bring joy to your homes for now.

Photo from Cassia Facebook page

The Lathums

From: Wigan

If you only listen to one of their songs, check out my favourite: The Great Escape

The Lathums have had great success over the past twelve months which includes sell-out gigs at venues across the UK, including Manchester’s very own Gorilla, and supporting big names in music such as DMAs, Blossoms, and Paul Weller. They even sold out their hometown gig in one minute! Given the success of this band in such a short space of time, I don’t doubt the future holds more sell-out tours and much-loved singles and albums. Wigan’s presence in the indie music scene was dominated in the 90s by The Verve but had since slipped under the radar. The success of The Lathums, just one of the Wigan bands to recently thrive, may now mark Wigan’s presence once again. I’m yet to see The Lathums live, but once tours are back in full swing they will be top of my watch list.

Photo from The Lathums Facebook page

Pale Waves

From: Manchester

If you only listen to one of their songs, check out my favourite: There’s A Kiss

Often described as indie pop, Pale Waves is the product of the original band named Creek, following the meeting of lead singer Heather Baron-Grace and drummer Ciara Doran in Manchester, whilst they were both university students. Mentored by The 1975, their list of influences features the likes of Prince, Madonna, and The Cure. They were also described by Sadie Bell of V Magazine as writing music that ‘you can dance and cry to’, all of which highlights their diverse sounds. The band have had great success over the past few years, marked by several nominations and awards including Q Best Breakthrough Act, and if they keep making great tunes like they have done then I’m sure the success won’t stop there.

Photo from Pale Waves Facebook page

The Lottery Winners

From: Leigh

If you only listen to one of their songs, check out my favourite: That’s Not Entertainment

Adding another hint indie pop to the list are The Lottery Winners, a four-piece band who have had increasing acknowledgement and recognition lately but are clearly destined for even bigger things. The band were getting ready for their biggest show yet, a hometown gig at Manchester’s The Ritz, and a debut performance at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend before the pandemic forced the cancellation of both. The band have been providing frequent entertainment over on their social media pages during the lockdown with their ‘Sounds of Isolation’, featuring recordings of their own songs as well as several covers (they even pulled off an amazing cover of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ for VE Day), all of which will be released in an album later in the year.

Photo from The Lottery Winners Youtube channel
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