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Post-lockdown wishlist: Places to go and things to do when life returns to (some) normality

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As I think is true for most people right now, I always seem to be thinking about places I want to visit and things I want to do once I’m allowed to. To keep all these places and things in mind and then I can check them off once the restrictions are lifted, I’ve created a list. This list is made up of places I’ve been to before and I miss or would like to return to, or places I would like to visit because, as a Greater Manchester native, I can’t believe I’ve never been there before! Hopefully it will give you some inspiration and get you thinking about the things you’d like to do too.

Go back on campus

My time as an UoM undergraduate has come to an end, and even if I don’t return to UoM as a postgraduate student I’d still like to return to campus. I’m sure a lot of other students will agree when I say that my time at university came abruptly to an end – I had my final seminar, lecture, and day on campus without knowing they were my last at the time. I’d love to take another walk on campus and get the picture I missed out on of me and my best friend submitting our dissertations outside the Arthur Lewis building!

Eat pizza at Sandbar

I’ve been for pizza once at Sandbar and was planning to go again and take my friend before the virus hit. In my opinion, it’s some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, hence why I was eager to return. So, eating pizza at Sandbar has to be on my list of things to do. Perhaps me and my friend should get our (extremely late) picture outside of Arthur Lewis building and then head to Sandbar for pizza to celebrate!

Go to a gig at Albert Hall again

I watched Blossoms at the Albert Hall a couple of years ago and went to Bongos Bingo there too like most people! It’s up there with one of my favourite music venues – I just think it’s so unique compared to anywhere I’ve ever been before and it’s a great size: big enough for a great atmosphere but small enough to still feel close to the stage. When gigs are allowed again, I’ll definitely be checking out the events calendar at Albert Hall!

Eat on the Curry Mile

As a child, I visited the Curry Mile regularly – my mum and dad’s favourite Indian restaurant was there, and so when I was born and for several years later they would take me too! The restaurant we used to go to is no longer there anymore, but since it closed we haven’t been back on the Curry Mile. We’ve wanted to go back for ages to try some new restaurants and food, but just never got around to it. As lockdown has magnified everything we miss or want to do, this is something me and my family will be certainly doing when we’re allowed to.

Explore the Northern Quarter and admire the street art

Despite living in Greater Manchester and living relatively close to Manchester’s city centre, I still haven’t spent as much time in the Northern Quarter as I would have liked to. I’ve been there to eat at Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn (I’d highly recommend it) and to watch live music at Band on the Wall, but I haven’t actually taken the time to stroll around the area and admire all of the street art there. When I can, I’ll be visiting NQ, even if it is just for a walk and to take in my surroundings.

Have afternoon tea at Brewski, Mosley Street

I think from this list so far, it’s pretty clear that I am such a foodie! I’ve really been missing eating out and trying new places during this lockdown, but once we can go and dine at new places again Brewski is top of my list. Brewski’s take on afternoon tea is right up my street. It’s three tiers of amazing food – steak, pulled pork sliders, fried chicken, halloumi fries, mac n cheese, frickles, a side of their signature poutine and more. I cannot wait to try it eventually!

Visit the People’s History Museum

As somebody from Greater Manchester that has studied Politics at degree level, I can’t believe I have never been to the People’s History Museum. The collection of political material is one of the largest in Britain, and it focuses largely on democracy and the right to vote. Needless to say, Emmeline Pankhurst is a Mancunian icon, so I’m sure there’s plenty relating to her and her family’s role in society too. From the great reviews this museum has, I’d say it’s worth the trip when restrictions are lifted.

Whilst this global pandemic has restricted our ability to do lots of things we’d like to, thinking about the future does offer some feelings of hope and positivity. It doesn’t mean we can’t do these things, it just means they’re on hold. So, why not keep a list like mine? At least when life returns to some normality, we won’t be short on things to do!

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