7 podcast recommendations based on your degree

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With a lot of us experiencing more free time than ever before, as we continue to stay safe at home, it is unsurprising that we feel like we’ve seen it all. Every good show on Netflix, every book on our reading list, every craft in our repertoire so now what? Podcasts.

Podcasts have gained more attention than ever since lockdown began, and whilst you may already listen to a couple and have your go to’s, you might be itching for something new. How about a recommendation based on your degree? Well not every single degree because that might run a little long, but a compilation of 7 podcast recommendations spread across the faculties here at the university, that we think might appeal to students and enthusiasts of the subjects alike. If you want to learn about these topics, from Fashion to Climate Change, in a casual and entertaining way look no further.

Faculty of Humanities

1. Business

‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz

‘ … A show about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and the stories behind the movements they built’

I am well aware that not every business student wants to be an entrepreneur, as I am myself one, however, entrepreneurship has been a big part of our studies and I must admit it is rather interesting.

In this podcast host Guy Raz, journalist, talks with the people behind some of the biggest household names such as Jo Malone (Jo Malone Fragrances) and James Park (Fitbit), about their journey and process for anyone wanting to follow suit or just learn more about the origin of the brands we know and love. This podcast is fast becoming a personal favourite.

2. Drama and Music

‘Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard’

If you’re looking to listen to your favourite musicians and actors from 50 cent to Zoe Kravitz talk about their lives and careers, hosted by actor and writer Dax Shepard, with the odd appearance of his wife the ‘Good Places’ Kristen Bell look no further.

It almost sounds too good to be true, the ability to listen in to an informal conversation between these famous friends, but it is. Be warned these episodes are by no means short, over an hour and a half a piece but if you want quality this is the place.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

3. Fashion

‘Dressed the History of Fashion’ with April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary

‘Did you know that ‘Leotard’ and ‘Cardigan’ were men before they were items of clothing or that Denim is named after the city of Nîmes in France… ?’

This podcast, hosted by two fashion historians, aims to look at fashion throughout history and the social and political contexts they have in a fun and informal way. With a mix of guests and topics spanning from the symbolism of colours like purple and its ties with malaria and lesser-known designers that paved the way for fashion as we know it.

4. Computer Science

‘Naked Security’ by Sophos

This recommendation may just be me showing how little I know about computer science and what it’s been reduced to, but this Cybersecurity podcast by Sophos is interesting nonetheless.

Sharing stories of cyberstalkers found in subway, ransomware on celebrity law firms and the ‘iPhone “word of death”‘ this podcast will be of interest to those who are well-versed in the world of computer science to those who just want their data safe online.

Be warned there is a little bit of jargon that might require a google.

5. Environmental studies

‘Reversing Climate Change’ by Nori

Self-described as goofy and intellectual, this podcast aims to discuss technology, business, social issues economics and history in relation to climate change and the environment.

Episode guests include, but are not exclusive to, sustainable lifestyle brand founders, travel writers and carbon removal think tank scientists allowing for a detailed interdisciplinary look at the current situation of our climate, its future and those who are fighting to keep our environment alive. Episodes and bonuses range from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Faculty of Biology, Medicine & Health

6. Psychology & Neuroscience

The Psych Files by Dr Michael A. Britt

Accessible for anyone with an interest in psychology, this podcast explores everyday topics in relation to human psychology such as why songs appeal to us and get stuck in our heads (Ep.339) based on certainty and surprise, why some people believe in conspiracy theories (Ep. 335) and the psychological themes in Beauty and the Beast (Ep.329) to name a few.

This podcast made the list, over the other wonderful options such as ‘The Psychology Podcast’, because these lovely episodes are only 20-30 minutes! Perfect for bite-sized learning.

7. Biology & Medicine

Big Biology by Art Woods and Marty Martin

A biology podcast looking at scientists across the world, tackling unanswered questions and delving into interesting topics in the world of biology, hosted by two University professors who break down the topics as if ‘explaining them to a stranger at a bar’.

Marty Martin also specialises in transmission of infectious disease making this podcast even more poignant for 2020.

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