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Before the pandemic this would have normally been one of your last My Manchester News articles before the summer holidays. However as with most things in the present COVID-19 world there’s a new normal.

We’ll be continuing our My Manchester Newsletters throughout the summer months, albeit fortnightly rather than weekly, for all our Undergraduate students who are returning to us in September. Postgraduate students will still get them weekly (with lots of dissertation and research advice). This means we can keep you up-to-date with University news, continued support that’s available, and any important updates with regards to the next academic year, or anything that changes depending on government updates.

With that said we also still want to hear from you. What content you would like to see more of during the academic break – whether that’s good news stories, ideas of things to do over the summer, student support or just sharing what you’re up to – we want to know.

You can stay in touch by emailing ideas and suggestions to, direct messaging us on Students at Manchester, or share your thoughts or updates on Students at Home. Have a great summer, stay safe and keep in touch.

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