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As you come to the end of the academic year, and potentially the end of your University career, it’s safe to say you’ll be feeling a lot of different emotions, particularly as this was not what anyone would have foreseen or imagined when starting a postgraduate course last year. As you finish your final assignments and return your library books it’s hard not to feel like this an ending. However, it’s just the beginning. Whether you are going on to further complete a PhD, or preparing to embark on a new job, remember whatever you’re doing next, wherever you are going, you’ll always belong to The University of Manchester community.

When you graduate you’ll officially become a member of the University alumni, and join one of the largest global alumni communities in the world. As an alumnus of The University of Manchester you can stay connected with friends, classmates and the University itself, regardless of where you are in the world. Stay updated by email, and if you’re really missing Oxford Road you can always come back and attend University events such as the annual Cockcroft-Rutherford Lecture, or inspire a new generation of students by speaking at an alumni event (when it’s safe to do so)!

There are so many ways to stay in touch, and be part of the University community – we can even help you organise a physically distant reunion! So whatever new chapter you are beginning, it’s not goodbye but see you soon.

“I bring my past, I bring my future, I bring my rights and I bring my song,
I stand atop the University of Manchester, we belong here, we belong”

Lemn Sissay, Inspire and be inspired, 2015.

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