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Emergency Hardship Fund raises over £1 million for students

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Staff, students and alumni have raised over £1 million (and rising) for the University’s Coronavirus Emergency Hardship Fund for students.

The campaign launched in April to support students facing financial hardship during the coronavirus pandemic and the money raised through the appeal will go directly to supporting those most in need.

Since the campaign’s launch more than 2,000 people from around the world – 84 countries to be exact – with an affiliation to the University have so far donated. As well as staff and alumni, donors have even included current students and parents.

Staff from across the University are now working closely with its Students’ Union (UMSU) to ensure that the funds being raised will benefit the students who are most in need of support.  Although details are yet to be finalised, current plans include channelling some of the money raised through the Living Cost Support Fund to allow it to respond to an increase in demand. Money will also be used to support a range of new and existing initiatives and projects including emergency grants, bursaries, wellbeing projects and access to education.

Rest assured, this group will be working hard to ensure that all of the projects that are funded are benefiting students in the way that donors would expect and reaching those most in need. As further decisions are made, we’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime, if you are struggling, remember the Living Cost Support Fund is open all year round and has updated information about the ways it can help in the current situation.

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